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Marco, the man behind the brand, is a maker and entrepreneur with a free spirit and numerous interests and talents. A few years back, Berlin became his city of choice for its exciting contrasts, its long and eventful history, its vastness and the endless possibilities for discovery it offers. In his own words, Berlin is a city “that I adore and that lets me do what I want”. When he is not in his workshop, Marco is strolling through Berlin’s countless clubs or wandering undiscovered neighborhoods with his camera.

Ours Watches is an innovative watch manufacturer from Berlin, founded in 2016.

Marco has always been intrigued by objects that can tell a story through a surface or a material. During his research, he discovered the beauty of combining the rawness of concrete with the precision of a highly functional product: the starting point for developing his collection of handmade wrist-watches.

Like the walls of Berlin, OURS Watches bear the signs of time – Berlin Time!

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